Whether it was suicide or not, this was yet another man hiding nightmares behind smiles – someone nobody thought would vanish this way. He was 30. This needs to stop happening

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine who was very close to me during my depression time drew my attention to a Facebook post from a former colleague we had at Alzheimer’s Society. I was surprised, but most of all I felt encouraged to see another voice speaking up from the darkness of social media:

Remembering Ian Preston

Remembering Ian Preston

I’ve had a shit 2016 and I’ve realised over the past few weeks if I’d only reached out to my amazing group of friends I’d have found it a lot easier. Men really don’t talk about our mental health enough, and in the words of The Hold Steady, it Almost Killed Me. Movember this year is dedicated to stopping men dying too young so in that spirit I just wanted to (re)-tag some friends who’ve made sure I’m still here.


Today I learned that Ian is not “here” anymore.

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