Hampstead Heath London

Before moving to this crazy city I was told of an important milestone for Londoners: once you reach five years, either you stay forever or you leave. Five years in I decided to leave.

My love-hate relationship with this place is shared by many – maybe this list too.

1. Food
To miss: dishes from every corner of the world, cooked either by your friends or in one of thousands of restaurants.
Not to miss: Sainsbury’s tomatoes tasting like cucumbers, Kenya-injected avocados and peeled Thai prawns making us forget what living prawns look like.

2. Job market
To miss: being able to apply to virtually any job.
Not to miss: Brits calling me European.

3. People
To miss: making friends with friends of friends who became friends for life, come from every corner of the world and understand my London struggles so well.
Not to miss: only seeing them every five weeks and accepting that once one of us leaves we’ll never live in the same city again.

London skies4. Weather
To miss: 10 million people appreciating every single minute of sunshine.
Not to miss: ten months of winter.

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