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I write about things that I’m passionate about: health, cultural differences and the complex art of communicating in today’s overwhelming digital age.

I started blogging in Portuguese (my first language) a long time ago, but I’ve been writing more since moving abroad in 2006. My short university exchange programme in Germany became ten years in cold central Europe – Leipzig, Bonn, Brussels, Geneva and London. In between, I specialised in health communication and wrote a book about homesickness.

Now I’m a fellow at Social Impact Lab Leipzig, a social innovation incubator in Germany that’s helping me develop my social startup to fight the stigma associated to particular health conditions. This platform is a step towards that goal.

We should connect if you – whether a startup, larger organisation or an ordinary citizen – are committed to improving people’s physical and mental health. 

You can use the contact form below, join our community on Facebook or connect on LinkedIn.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

— Débora


Social innovation startup supported by Social Impact Lab

Social innovation startup supported by Social Impact Lab